Commercial Access Control Systems

Simplify your facilities lock and key system by installing a commercial access control system.  Keyless entry saves money on locksmith fees while making it easy to manage who, when and where access is granted. 

Cloud-based systems – The best software solution and the lowest up-front cost

The cloud node system by ProDataKey is the best solution for small to medium sized businesses, seeking a system that is scalable, inexpensive to install and exceptionally easy to use.  This system has most of the system features that our enterprise systems provide with a lower up front cost.  How?

Cloud based software – This system has no central control processing panel to install, which saves you a lot of money on up front system hardware costs.  While software updates are stored locally in the door controller memory board, the user interface, where all of the changes are made, is done through a cloud-based online account, accessible from any web browser or the system mobile app.  There is a monthly cost associated with the cloud service account which also provides a full system warranty and all future software upgrades.

If you’re looking for a powerful, low cost system that has the easiest, most mobile accessible software solution in the industry, this is the best system for you!

Enterprise Access Control Solutions by DSX – Our most advanced system for robust commercial applications

Our enterprise systems from DSX offer the most advanced access control solutions in our product line.  With virtually unlimited options for access schedules, card types and multi-location control, DSX provides you with one of the best solutions for advanced commercial access control in the industry.  While this system is a great choice for small businesses, it is ideal for medium to large commercial applications, or for multiple-location applications.  The system is scalable from single door systems to multi-door / multi-location systems.

The WINDSX software gives users 24x7x365 real time activity information along with a user friendly, windows based user interface for all programming and system updates.  All DSX systems are locally managed on a user PC, so there are no required monthly subscription fees.

DSX has a reputation for superior quality and exceptional reliability.  If you’re looking for a true ‘workhorse’ system with the most advanced features, DSX is the choice for you.