Commercial Access Control Systems by DSX

Key-less entry access control systems provide exceptional simplicity, safety, security and convenience to your operation.  Add or remove user access, cards or FOBs in seconds.  Limit access to only people that you designate.  Simple to use and manage.  

DSX and ProSec Integration

Quality by Design…

DSX Access Systems, Inc. has been manufacturing high-end commercial access control systems since 1984. DSX Products are sold worldwide through a network of factory-trained dealers, including ProSec Integration, located in Denver, Colorado.

DSX  and ProSec Integrations uncompromising dedication to quality engineering and workmanship, coupled with a commitment to providing unmatched product support, has always been a well-maintained priority. DSX Access Systems is one of the most respected names in the security industry because of its concentration on providing products and service that exemplify Quality, Reliability and Integrity.

One Door To Enterprise Wide

Economies of Scale

DSX offers symmetrical scalability. Grow your system from one location to 32,000 locations on a Wide Area Network. Intelligent Controllers and Integrated Locksets give DSX enormous flexibility and diversity. Take a look at the New DSX Software and features that is revitalizing Legacy systems and infusing them with new technology and wireless capabilities.

Start your system with one Door and grow it to the extent your organization requires. Once you have licensed the software to your Domain there are no licensing charges for expanding your system. You can add Card Holders, Doors, and Workstations without paying any additional licensing fees, just the cost of the expansion itself. Maintenance and Support agreements are not mandatory.

Flexible Hosting Solutions

Let ProSec help…

Do you have multiple locations or need a single user portal to manage your access control system from anywhere you go?  Would you like the ability to allow multiple users remote access to your DSX software?

Do you need help with managing your system?  Let ProSec handle the day-to-day hassle of adding or removing cards or FOBs, create new user profiles or entering routine updates to your DSX software with our full-service access control program.  For just pennies per month we have a solution that allows you access from any web browser while, at your digression, giving us the ability to provide system and user management support.

Give us a call today to learn more!

Have You Seen?

NEW DSX – Mobile Command

DSX Software Version 5 and 6 will be available in June of 2018. This Software has a new enhanced user interface and contains all of the sold-separate features from before. This DSX Software release includes a new Mobile Command Application for use with Apple and Android mobile devices. The mobile app – DSX Mobile Command – is now available in the Apple and Android App Stores at no charge. This new app from DSX is like having the Workstation program on your smart phone.

DSX Version 5 replaces Version 3 Access and DSX Version 6 replaces Version 4 SQL. Both Versions come with upgrade instructions, a Movie to demonstrate how to use the Phone APP and a Power Point Presentation to show the differences of, and how to manuever in, the new software. The instructions include procedures on how to upgrade your current DSX Soft Key and how to utilize DSX in a Virtual environment.

New Management Reports now contain “Last Use” and “Who is Not Here” Queries. The “Who is In” report is now card holder centric instead of card centric. Lots of great enhancements and features all rolled into one application.