Taking a close look at ways to keep your family safe and protect what is important to you. Part 5 of a 5-part series.

Protecting the things that are important to you can seem daunting. But keep in mind, some thieves trying to steal from you aren’t really all that sophisticated. In fact, sometimes, they are downright stupid!

If you do a quick search on Google and you’ll find plenty of videos, showing burglars getting caught.  And some of them are downright funny to watch.  Homes equipped with security video cameras can put a face to the criminal, which often makes it easy for authorities to make an arrest.

Here’s the proof, 5 thieves who just couldn’t get it right:

Why not just steal the camera….

These burglars thought they could just steal the security camera that was recording them. One of the thieves grabbed the camera. Unfortunately for them, advances in technology have made it possible to record surveillance from remote systems. Gotcha!

Never mind that camera that’s watching over you…

A homeowner caught burglars breaking into his home on live video while he was at work. He was able to call 911 to get police to the scene and make it home, just in time to watch the arrest!

Why NOT to take a selfie on a phone with a stolen SIM card…

After stealing jewelry, a car, a Rolex watch and some electronics, he snapped a selfie on the stolen SIM card and accidentally sent it to the victim’s co-workers on WhatsApp. He was arrested shortly thereafter and plead guilty. He served 18 months.

Busted by Facebook…

And then there’s the 19-year old, who decided to log into his Facebook account while he was burglarizing a home. He just forgot to log out afterwards – which gave authorities all the information they needed to find him and arrest him.

Burglar beware of the guard dogs!

Two rather small family dogs give one burglar-wannabe a run for his money. 

It isn’t always humorous. In fact, it’s not funny at all if you are burglarized. But planning to outsmart them is your first defense!

Try these easy ways to outsmart thieves:


Secure those doors and windows! Lock up with solid-core doors and deadbolt locks! Remember to close and secure all windows and doors before you leave the house and when you go to bed.

And don’t forget the biggest door of all: the garage door! Hide that automatic garage door opener from view and lock the door between the house and garage.


Get rid of that extra key under your welcome mat. Even the dumbest thief can find those. Leave extra keys with a trusted friend or family member for emergencies.


Make it hard for a burglar to hide from view. Trim your foundation shrubs and bushes. And light your yard with motion-activated lights. They may not be the sharpest crayons in the box, but burglars don’t want to be seen and caught!


Watch out for those social media status updates that say you’ll be gone for a few days! Sadly, there are crooks searching Facebook for details like these.

And remember, most burglaries are completed in only 8 to 12 minutes. So resist the urge to use apps like Facebook Places. It broadcasts your location, whether it’s a restaurant, library or the local park. There’s no reason to make it easy for a thief to burglarize your home.


Finally, invest in a home security alarm system. The sound of your alarm going off will send most criminal-types running the other direction. A reputable security alarms systems company can provide reliable 24/7 monitoring services and some peace of mind.

ProSec, World-class security solutions for home and business

Take the simple precautions you should take to protect your home and assets. You can see these thieves are not rocket scientists. With a little planning and strategy and a reliable monitored burglar alarm system, you can outsmart a thief and protect your belongings.


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