A common-sense look at ways to keep your family safe and protect what is important to you. Part 2 of a 5-part series.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Rob Semroska, general manager and managing partner of ProSec Security, Video and Automation Systems. Rob shared some practical ways to outsmart thieves and protect what’s important to us. In the first part of our interview (CLICK HERE), Rob talked about the importance of securing doors, windows, window wells and other outdoor points of entry a burglar might breech.

Today Rob will answer a few questions about the things we can do inside our homes to prevent a burglar from deciding to enter our property.

Watch out for those open windows!

Q: We’re just coming out of winter. With more daylight hours, are we more likely or less likely to be burglarized? Is there a particular time of year we should be more watchful?

Rob: Yes, as a matter of fact. Summertime is the prime season for thieves. I mentioned earlier that the highest percentage of all burglaries take place between 6am and 6pm, while most people are at work or school. But statistics also show that most burglaries occur in July and August. So don’t forget to close and lock your windows even when, or especially when, it’s nice outside!

Q: Oh that’s a bummer. Summer is the time we want to enjoy the beautiful weather, have our windows open, and take life easy. But you’re telling me criminals will take advantage?

Rob: You can still do those things. But you need to take precautions.

You still want to be sure your doors and windows are secure. But you do have some flexibility.

It’s possible to arm the sensors at night, while bypassing windows you wish to leave open. Today’s security alarm systems offer many options with this. But you still need to keep in mind, open windows and doors expose your home to theft. Unfortunately, thieves aren’t taking a break just because it’s nice outside.

Control lights and locks with your mobile device!

Turn on the lights!

Q: Last week we talked about how outdoor lighting discourages thieves. But what about indoors? Does it really help to have lights on inside the house?

Rob: Remember, thieves typically prefer to hit homes that are unoccupied. Indoor lighting gives the impression that someone is at home. So, yes, I’d say indoor lighting is highly effective in reducing burglaries.  

Q: What about sound and noise inside your property? Do you like the idea of having a radio or TV on even when we’re not home? 

Rob: Absolutely! We like to call it the “Home Alone” effect. It’s where you can make it seem like there is a party going on even when no one is home.

Today’s home security systems offer the ability to control lighting, TV’s and other home appliances automatically, or from your mobile device.  This allows homeowners a tricky, and highly effective way to discourage thieves while not at home.

Final thought from a security systems professional

Q: Do you have any final advice for us today about outsmarting thieves, Rob?

Rob: Unexpected things happen, so be sure to have a plan in place.

In the event that your home is burglarized, today’s alarm systems can provide instant access to the authorities. Best of all, this can happen without having to find your phone and dial a number while you’re under stress.

Finally, your safety and security and protecting what’s important to you are things to consider before a burglary occurs. Working with a security alarms system company which is providing state-of-the-art product, along with an excellent 24/7 monitoring service, is a great place to start!

This is solid advice from a security systems professional. There are simple steps we can take to discourage the theft of our property. Some focused attention, coupled with a monitored security alarm system, is our best defense against the theft and loss of what’s important to us.

For Part 1 of this interview CLICK HERE.


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