Over the past 10 years, just about all of us have updated our technology, including our TVs, phones, and computers. But have you considered upgrading your security system?  If you have no idea when it was installed, it’s probably time to think about a system upgrade.

Today’s wireless security systems have come a very long way from yesterday’s clunky, hardwired, and often hard-to-use systems.

Security on smartphones – everything has changed!

Hardwired security systems were the only available option to home and small business owners until recently. There were two obvious drawbacks in hardwired systems. First of all, if someone cut the phone line, the whole system became useless. Second, you needed an additional internet line for mobile device control of the system. However, internet lines could also be tampered with or cut externally.

As advances in technology have increased, most homeowners have moved away from using home phone lines. Today, security systems using cellular communications provide a completely secure, self-contained, tamper-proof solution. Most notably, they offer the ability to interact directly in real time with your mobile device.

Cellular enabled security systems do not need a phone line, nor the internet to operate. Simple integration to your mobile device via a smart app provides advanced control.  And it’s easy to use, no matter where you are.

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The “Home Alone” effect

Another huge benefit of installing an updated, modern security alarm system is home automation. Interactive, colorful touch-screens are easier to use, providing simple system arming, intuitive security, and interactive control to your home’s lighting, HVAC, locks, garage door openers and many other systems that are used throughout your home.

Security industry expert, Trevor Howell, referencing a 1990 blockbuster movie, calls this the Home Alone effect.

“It can look like you’re home having a party even when no one is there, with today’s technology” Trevor said. “Lighting and locks throughout your home or office can be set up automatically for the same monthly price as an old system.”

For protection and more

In the past, home or small business alarm systems were in place for one purpose, to alert you of a break in. You were only notified when the “bad guys” showed up. Now, with simpler set-up and support from a reputable security systems company, wireless alarm system technology can provide a multitude of alerts. You can be notified of carbon monoxide in your home, or a leaking pipe that could cause costly water damage.  They can even help you manage energy use at your office or place of business, potentially saving you money and property damage.

Best of all, today’s wireless alarm systems are less expensive!  Installation is easy and quick without the hassle of running wires. And the system can be up and running in a fraction of the time required to install traditional, hardwired systems. Additional sensors and devices can be added at a later date more easily. So wireless security alarms offer a scalable solution that grows as your needs change.

Modern wireless security alarm systems are able to provide reliable protection for your home, small business or office space more efficiently than systems that were installed 10, or even 5 years ago. So if you’re not sure how old your system is or when it was last upgraded, it is time to assess. Because you will enjoy the benefits that an updated system can offer.


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